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I live in Atlanta but ship worldwide. Here is some work installed in homes and a few customer comments. After 22 years I can’t post everything but you get the idea.

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15-yr. old Hand Painted Shower CurtainHand Painted Shower CurtainHand Painted Shower CurtainHand Painted Shower Curtain installedHand Painted Shower Curtain installedHand Painted Shower Curtain installedHand Painted Shower Curtain installedHand Painted Shower Curtain installed
Fabulous Hand Painted Shower Curtains
Fabulous Hand Painted Shower Curtains

Fabulous Hand Painted Shower Curtains
Dear Franny,

I just had to write and let you know that the website of artist b. mclane that you provided for Jane T. in Galloway, is FANTASTIC!! I have purchased 2 custom shower curtains from b.mclane and they are fantastic. The quality is unbelievable… she has several on her website and will also custom paint anything for you. She made me a standard size curtain for my children’s bathroom and also an odd size one for mine (I have a 9 foot high shower stall). I get so many compliments on them, I cannot praise her artistic talent enough. She is also one of the sweetest people to deal with and I HIGHLY recommend doing business with her.

I actually called her to let her know that she was featured in your column and she said it made her day! Please let Jane T. in Galloway know that she can buy from b. mclane with confidence that she will get a GREAT product from a great person!

Happy Holidays!
-Egg Harbor Township

I wanted to send you a picture of the new kids bathroom…



We just got here in our new duty station in San Diego, my Marine Captain had a smile on his face! when he saw it! yeah… he liked it!

Thank you so much, everybody who come to the house just love it… Our pet sitter thought it was sooooo cool…

Thanks again a job well done, Chubby and Shrimpy look just like on the picture….

Merci beaucoup from the french lady… πŸ™‚

– Chrystel

Here are the new curtains… we like them *very* much. The overall effect is quite wonderful and jungley in our bathroom. You see how well it goes with the textured plaster I put on the walls.

– Steven

I love my new curtain more than life itself. It is exactly what I wanted-you are very talented! It’s my new favorite decorum in the apartment.

I laughed for like 10 minutes when I got it out, and looked at it. I will pass on your information to all my friends. Thanks again!

– Tim

This morning I got up and hung my new cactus shower curtain and I love it!

Thank you again for making my bathroom beautiful!

– Robin

I absolutely LOVE my curtains and towels I purchased thanks to Groupon! I hung up the Yorkie curtain as soon as I opened the box when I got home from work and it is fabulous! The cactus curtain is beautiful too!!!

You are very talented – I am so happy about these curtains – 1st thing I do when I walk by the bathroom now is turn on the light and look. It transformed my bathroom to a room I love!!!

Thank you again B!!! I am so lucky to have come across your website!!! πŸ™‚

– Robin

I received my shower curtain today andΒ I LOVE IT!!The colors are spectacular,and it is perfect for our bathroom. To know that you painted it just for me after we talked makes it even more special!

I can’t THANK YOU enough.

– Tia

The shower curtain arrived on time, fit perfectly, and is gorgeous. My party was fabulous and my guests were impressed! I have another custom one for you as soon as I get my act together. Thank you!

– Ann

I am sure that you get letters and e-mails like this continuously – but just add me to the list of ecstatic customers!

My shower curtain came yesterday – and it is better than I even imagined! I love it and cannot wait to get my bathroom completed so I can enjoy it everyday!

As I mentioned to you when I sent my check – although it may sound silly – this shower curtain and the all out fun it represents to me is a much needed start on a healing process a long time in coming.

I will send you a photo as soon as I have my bathroom done – and thank you so much for sharing your special gift. I truly feel honored to have a piece of it to admire.

– Karen

The shower curtain that you made is WONDERFUL!!! The colors are bright and cheery, and it looks terrific in the kids’ bathroom. As you know, I ordered the shower curtain because my one-year old son kept crawling into my bathroom to look at the shower curtain you made for me two years ago, so I knew he would love to have one of his own. When the shower curtain arrived, I draped it over our living room chairs so that my son could see the picture of his two dogs and cat. He looked at the shower curtain and smiled and laughed. After about half an hour, I tried to move the shower curtain and he started to cry, so I had to leave it draped on the chairs until he went to bed (at which time I hung it up in his bathroom). I can’t tell you how much we love the shower curtain – the pictures of our three pets look just like them (you even captured their expressions!) and the colors match the kids’ bathroom and bedroom perfectly.

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Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE the shower curtain!!!!

– Stacey

I wanted you to see how great she looks with my new denim sofa… she looks terrific, don